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Lost in the post: solving the case of the missing member!

TPO has ruled that a pension scheme was liable to pay a full deferred pension to a claimant, despite the scheme having no record of his benefits other than a guaranteed minimum pension (GMP). This determination shows the significant weight that TPO places on HMRC’s GMP records and the inferences that can be made from … Continue Reading

It’s the summer holidays: delays on the roads, delays at the airport, delays on public transport (no change there, then!) and delays on pension transfers

Are pension transfer delays (and complaints about them) here to stay? In its 2016/17 annual report, the Pensions Ombudsman (PO) noted that there had been an increase in the number of complaints about pension transfers. In fact, complaints about transfers were the second most popular form of complaint, making up 10.5% of all new investigations … Continue Reading

Change of position – is it a Dunne deal?

The UK Pensions Ombudsman has woven another strand into the already tangled web of how trustees should deal with administrative overpayments of pension to members.  A recent determination has highlighted how carefully trustees must approach the process of analysing whether it is appropriate to reclaim the overpayments. In the case in question, Mr Dunne received … Continue Reading